I teach….

Did you know that I teach classes? Of course you do because I talk about it a lot. I remember being in Kindergarten and doing little activities where the teacher asks you to draw what you want your profession to be. I drew a teacher. If you asked me through most of grade school, I would have told you I wanted to be a teacher.

Fast forward to being a little more grown and I still wanted to teach but I wanted to teach art to all ages. That was the major I chose when I went to college. I never received my teaching certificate because that was a lot more work and money then I was going to put into that at an age where I was still a little wild. Sure I knew what I wanted but I also wanted to be free and make art and well….

Now, I’m fortunate enough that I do get to teach art. Fiber arts. I rarely teach kids and that’s ok because there is something very different and exciting about teaching my peers. There is a sharing of knowledge and a love of this art form that is just spectacular. Sure kids love art but when an adult loves art, there is something different.

All of that to just let you know that I’ve made a new teacher’s page for myself. Amy King Teaching

There isn’t a lot there right now. I plan to expand it with a list of lessons that I teach and I’ll be putting up or at least linking all of the tutorials that I’ve done. It was a lot more time combing through all of that then I have had lately but once the garden is put to bed for the year and all my preserving is taking care of, I’ll surely have more time. In the meantime, if you’re a guild, shop, event looking for a teacher – please use the contact form there and message me for information.

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