Keeping it easy

Lately I’ve been keeping it easy with the knitting. My mind wanders and a pattern is gone. Or I sit there with the item in my lap just not working on it. Every so often I go through a stretch where if I’m going to work on something it better be pretty brainless or it just won’t see the light of day. Seems like this is one of those times. I swear the heat eats at my brain but I can still whip through something easy.

Recently I finished another Hitchhiker. This one again was out of my handspun. It was from a club earlier in the year called “Aspens” and was on BFL. It’s a navajo ply that I split up for short color sections. I had meant to make this into socks but seems it wanted to be a scarf instead.
It’s squishy and lovely and once I was done with it…. I had NOTHING else to knit on. We know that’s actually a serious untruth but I had nothing really easy and brainless so I cast on for 2 things.

I pulled out a skein of Victoria Yarn to make another Hitchhiker.

And I grabbed my giant ball of Caterpillar to make another Caterpillar Shawl.

I have an old one I’ve been using as a shop sample that I’d really like to make MINE. I recently made another in handpsun that was featured in my Craftsy Class on Singles.
caterpillar-papaya-done It’s super squishy and lovely but probably the least likely color for me to wear. I’m really loving these thick happy easy shawls. We’ll see how many I make. If I keep this up, at some point I’m gonna have to start selling off the samples.

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One Response to Keeping it easy

  1. knettycraft says:

    I love the hitchhiker too. It is such a wonderful pattern… I always add a small pompom to one side. Your wool for the caterpillar looks gorgeous… those colours!!!

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