Getting the words out of my head.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time writing. Not necessarily all fiber articles but there is a lot going on in the country. There’s a lot going on in other countries. It’s like someone gassed Earth with something…. of course, many of the things happening have a very definite cause. Things that have been working at coming to a head for a while. It’s just coincidence (or conspiracy theory) that it’s all coming to head right at this moment in time.

This is causing me to spend a lot of time reading articles, researching, and writing. I’m writing in my journal and in my online spaces. Sometimes in spaces that you can read and in others that I keep to myself. I spin… I read…. I drink coffee….I write. (not necessarily in that order)
I need to feel a part of the community and to be of service where I can be. You may not see that because I don’t lay it all out there. There are lots of people that you will never see every aspect of them but when you reach out in the right direction, hopefully someone is there to grab your hand.

My journal is playing a large part in what I’m doing right now. I haven’t been following my scheduled monthly prompts except when I’m stumped for daily writing (and that hasn’t been the case lately). I’ve been writing a lot but occasionally I need short bits to bust me out of the rut I keep getting into. There is a journaller that I follow on instagram called @ninjatraveling – her journals often look a lot like this:
She uses a word or a phrase to make a title for a writing that will take up a half page (in this size book). Its a short bit and it can really help to have some short writing assignments sometimes. If you’re looking for something like that I’ll write a few down. I think its worth it to even do the same word several times. On any given day, you don’t know what you’ll get.

Helping Hand
Giving or Gifts

If you’re like me and you’re a little stuck in your own little circle of words or writing and the prompts I’ve set up for the year aren’t working so well – choose 4 words or small phrases and set them up like I did and write it out. Get out of your head. Get grounded. Get back to it.

Oh, and use washi tape, it makes your day brighter just because.

And a few more words for the road:
Love or Heart
Sunshine or Starshine or Moonshine
Wool or Fleece

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2 Responses to Getting the words out of my head.

  1. Thank you for sharing @ninjatraveling Amy – I’m almost done with #the100dayproject and I’m thinking that once it is over (8 more days) that I’ll be writing in my journal again and not just doing a collage every day, my regularly scheduled journalling time has been pre-empted. (shameless self-promotion – IG: @amyomalley / #100daysofcollagebyado – hope that’s OK).

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