Russian Schematics…

I pin a lot of clothing and pattern stuff to Pinterest. Sometimes I even make things from it. One such thing was a Russian schematic for a loose flowy smock type top. I translated all of the dimension from metric to inches and decided how much of it I was going to do. As evidenced by little sticky note.
This fabric is some sandwash/noil/raw silk that got my hands on.
I’m working on dyeing samples so you can order yardage in the shop. My hope is to have that up by the end of the month or first week of August. We’ll see how all these kid events go in the next couple of weeks.

When I got to actually cutting the fabric, I didn’t have quite as much as they did and I didn’t want to add all the cuts they did so I improvised a little and the sleeves are 2 inches shorter, the body is 1 inch less wide (per side, per piece so 4 overall).

I think it fits me better than my daughter but I also take better photos so you get to see the final garment on her.
And let’s put our arms up honey and show how the garment looks
I’m throwing in this one just because of the look on her face.

I plan to wear this as my “evening” top for sitting out on the deck or should it get colder during the day. Its lightweight, flows well, and it’s big/airy. I love this thing and I’d make another. Maybe something lacy for a bathing suit coverup?

Oh yeah…
I finished the other piece of fabric shown up there into a pair of pants. I’ll talk about those later.

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One Response to Russian Schematics…

  1. knettycraft says:

    It turned out very lovely… and I really like that colour!

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