The Tour…

Once again, just like every year, the Tour de Fleece happens. Every year, I start out strong and then fade. Will this be the year I don’t fade? How many years have I been doing this? Yeah, maybe I won’t be counting on this year being the year for going strong through out but I’ll just plan on having a good year and cleaning up a few projects.

I’m using the tour to clean up some languishing projects. Clubs….
Things that got tossed aside earlier in the year when I needed to finish up some sharp new samples for my Craftsy class.

I’m also doing a little Spin and Knit along in the Spunky Eclectic Ravelry group so I might need a new fiber for the sweater. If the chosen sweater is Flax then this is the fiber I’ll spin.
That’s a whole lotta pink and it made my camera cry a little.
If the sweater is something else then I’ll be stash diving, acquiring new on the last minute, or possibly one of the current clean up spins will work. Who knows! Life on the edge folks! The poll is over tomorrow so I’ll have a couple of days before TdF even starts to plot a plan.

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