Grey….Not Grey? Part 1.

Grey… Not Grey? Part 1.

ok. We’ve talked about this before so it’s not a secret, I’m going grey. It’s pretty apparent that I stopped dyeing my hair some time ago. It’s the beginning of my 5th year of no coloring. Despite my love of the color there are times that it annoys me.

I’m fascinated with how my hair color is changing. Yet, there are days that I loath it being 2-toned. Just be all brown or be all grey. Sometimes the mix of it is such a pain. Sometimes its just that the grey goes in one direction while the brown goes in another. Sometimes it’s the look of the 2 tone.

What if I color it? ugh. The upkeep. That’s the first thing that hits me.
Sometimes I see one of my friends that has some amazing color and then I think of upkeep.
Sometimes I research natural or henna coloring and then I think of upkeep.

I want to have my grey and I want to have a solid color too.
I want my cupcakes and to eat the heck out of it too.

Here’s what I’m going to do…. I’m going to flirt with some temporary colors. I know there are a bunch of you out there going grey too or contemplating it and maybe this research will just be blogging my vanity or maybe it will help you find products that help you over that hump into letting go of the upkeep.

That said. The first thing I tried was “root touch up” stuff at my hairdresser. Jeff at Hairrazors applied it for me and I bought the can to take home. Putting this into my hair and not just at my roots might be a little trickier than a wash in but I don’t doubt I can get a kid to help me.

He sprayed and combed this product in. It is sold as a wash out root touch up.

Right after application. You can see it’s pretty good – I look like I might not have much if any grey at all.

Day 1 after sleeping on it – no washing. You can see the color has lightened. I can’t say that I’m an easy sleeper. Think wild animals in a struggle with a blanket.

Day 2… more sleeping – no washing. The color has lightened and a lot of the grey is back but not all of it.

And finally, I washed it out.
This is the stuff I used:
I have the Auburn/Red can of it and I will use it again. I like it. If I was say, going to a fancy ball (or more realiztically a photo shoot for handknits) and I wanted to have one color hair for the evening, I’d spray it on fresh for that evening. Obviously from the pics, you can see it doesn’t last a long time. It’s totally worth it though for a special event.

Now…. to figure out what to try next.

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4 Responses to Grey….Not Grey? Part 1.

  1. You are beaitiful no matter what.

  2. C Thomas says:

    A little color now and then can be fun.
    We all constantly change in life. I did try some color/highlights about 4 years ago, but stopped when Ezra told me “Mom, you aren’t fooling anybody.” I’ve dropped the perm – my grey has body, and I’ve dropped all color. Yes, it shifts, but it is mine and the upkeep is minimal. For the first time since childhood, I love my hair just the way it is.

  3. Carolyn Kavich says:

    I use a semi-permanent haircolor that fades with time. For some reason I don’t have any grey so I don’t know how it works on them but it is good for someone who doesn’t want to be a slave to upkeep. I use Wella Color Charm demi-permanent, usually ‘Fiery Red’ colorway though I used to love ‘Black Cherry” which was discontinued. If I do it regularly every 6 weeks the color stays pretty even but I am lazy and busy and usually end up over 8 weeks between coloring so my hair goes back to the boring dishwater it is naturally. If I had a streak of silver I might not bother.

  4. elaine says:

    I am like you… wishin’ it was one or the other, wishing I could color it cuz I really liked the color and highlights… but upkeep, uck! So I’ve opted to let it be, and use the $$’s for… yep, fiber or yarn :-) So I am kinda over the “to dye or not to dye” thing. (till next week any way)
    BTW… your’s looks amazing either way! Wish I could be brave enough to try your cut ~ looks great!

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