The octopus that attacked my boat….

Or I sheared my sheep. Actually, neither of those things are true. I paid someone to shear my sheep professionally so the fleece would be nicer but I definitely didn’t meet an octopus along the way.
My little monsters before:
Look how floofy.
So much fleece. And really that’s all I see as they pile in the “notme” corner.

Angel (that white one in front of everyone, in two of those pics) now has the nickname of USS Angel because she’s roughly the size of a barge and had issues during shearing because of her excessive weight. I had a talk with her afterward about pushing everyone away and eating all the foods. Only time will tell if she listened to me. Here she is post shearing with Agnes (the floofy one in the almost solo pic)

Angel had a hard time because of the largeness issue. Everyone else was good as gold until we got to Ash. Ash took a nose dive but her fleece is so amazing I didn’t give her a talking to.
Seriously. Look at it!
I know, it’s hard to tell from there but trust me.

Everyone has been sheared
and I have all the fleece piled up in a bag in the hay tent. After the festival season is over, I need to go through it and decide if it’s sold off as is, made into roving, made into yarn, or I make it into batts. So many options and only 50ish lbs of fleece.

I won’t have any of it done for the festivals this spring but I will have lots of other goodies. This weekend (Memorial weekend) I head out to spend some time at Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft. I hope to see some of you there.

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