In April….

The first weekend of April, I taught a couple of classes at WEBS. Not only is that a fantastic store but the students that show up for the classes are pretty spectacular. I’m always happy to drive to Western MA and teach there. Pre class selfie action:
And my very hard working students that made a ton of amazing yarns.

The next weekend I was invited by the lovely NH Spinner and Dyers guild to their annual meeting. What a great group of people who were very attentive as I talked about color for an hour and a half. Color. I love talking about color. It was a lot of fun.

Then I captained a small boat which got attacked by a massive octopus. My crew got off safely but I nearly went down with the ship. One helpful crewmate captured this as I was sinking….
Luckily I made it out and soon I was on a plane to Plyaway!
Where I got to hang out with my friends
Who I only managed a selfie with one of them…..ok, there is another pic out there with all of us but I’m mid swear word so I decided to leave it at this pic, ok? I taught for 3 full days
To some amazing diligent and very attentive students. It really was a wonderful experience.
The second Plyaway is in the planning stages and I only hope I get to teach there again. I’m still amazed at how on task and excited to learn everyone was even on Sunday afternoon. This really was a large group of people that wanted to learn. I love that.

There may have also been some pen shopping and enabling but I’ll save that for a later post….
I also sheared sheep in there somewhere. Maybe instead of captaining the Octopus ship, I sheared. It’s all a little blurry at this point. We’ll see what the next blog post holds.

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