Hair Dilemma?

Oh the first world problems we have. Yes, I’m going to talk to you about my hair. I just left a few teaching engagements and a Craftsy class started and I completed 2 vending shows and I have 2 left. Yet I’m talking about my hair. Every time the weather gets warm, my urge to shave all the hair off gets stronger. Sometimes I just get a severe pixie. Sometimes I do actually take the clippers to my head. Last year I went back to the mohawkish look. Shaved sides with longer hair down the center:
I love this cut. I love it enough that I really honestly want to keep it but I’m not sure what to do with it. Here’s how it looks now:
Do I keep growing? In the winter I think I want this:
hair ideas
I like that at the length it’s at now, I can put it in a ponytail or a braid and it’s easily out of my face. But if I cut it down to where it was a year ago, it mostly stays out of my face anyway and I can easily puff it up and keep it down the center like in that pic up there. I actually got a tiny bit long once before:
And then cut it off a week after this pic was taken.

Hair dilemma, indeed.
With all I’m doing, I won’t have time for anything more than a self side-clip for the next month (thanks to the help of that 10 year old in the pic up there) so I’ll likely change my mind a few times. I managed to make a hair appointment for June so we’ll see if we go back in time or I keep trudging forward towards long tresses.

Also… there are updates coming up as to what’s been going on. It’s not all hair around here.

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2 Responses to Hair Dilemma?

  1. Debbie says:

    I have a very similar cut, but I leave my sides a little longer – pixie length. It’s my favourite cut I’ve ever had in my life, and I spice it up with a shot of colour in the longest part, kind of hiding under the top layers when I have it all pushed to one side. I’m currently rocking blue. You do you, boo-boo.

  2. Gabi says:

    I feel your dilemma, I finally got mine chopped to chin length after ten years of a braid down my back, now I want to go even shorter! Do what feels right, you look fabulous!

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