I made a pair of socks!!!

YES. This is a post that is worthy of that level of excitement.
I never finished a pair of socks. I finish one sock, cast on for the second one and put the project away. In a few weeks, I buy a new set of needles and cast on for a new pair. Seriously. It’s an illness. Not that it distresses me any but it’s still an illness of some sort.

Remember this post?. That was 2 years ago talking about my “One Sock Wonder” habit. Well. If you look at that post, there is one pair that I have finished. I found another pair that was almost finished that didn’t make it on that list (don’t worry, I didn’t finish those) and I started 4 new fresh pair. Pair. That’s laughable. We all know pair is just an idea. It’s not reality.

So, I did manage to finish one of the new pair I started and it’s these:
Handspun (2ply) from Spunky Eclectic “Gerbera” on Shetland.

I finished a pair of socks! I’ve been using the single sock as a class sample. I’m teaching at Webs this weekend so they will be used as a sample on Saturday and on my feet Sunday. I guess this means I should start knitting a new class sample then.

Speaking of classes – My Craftsy class has a giveaway and is being released next week! Click here for the sign up

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2 Responses to I made a pair of socks!!!

  1. elaine says:

    Congrats! Now the question…..
    Are you hooked on socks?

  2. Suz says:

    LOL! Pair up all your single socks to make mismatched pairs. :)

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