New Samples

Every so often I think I need new samples for the shop or classes. The old ones start to look less fresh or maybe after having them on display for so long, I just want to wear them. Which means at that point they aren’t fresh enough for display any more.

Right now I’m working on a whole bunch of new samples. I want to show you but nothing is blocked, they’re all for classes that I don’t have until April so I’m just knit knit knitting away and will block later. As such nothing looks so pretty but I’ll give you hints of what I’ve been doing.

A shawl in thick and thin using The Caterpillar Shawl Pattern
A hat in a progression. Of which I didn’t use any particular pattern but it does need a pompom soon.
In progress are mittens in thick and thin – also without a particular pattern
A scarf using handspun Crivens from Helloyarn
A sweater using this Knitting Pure and Simple Pattern

They’re all in handspun. I’m working on other things that are samples in store yarns. In particular I’m participating in a KAL with Amy Herzog Designs. There’s enough going on with those sweaters that I should probably write a whole new blog post on it. Sit tight. More sweaters. More swatching. More knitting coming soon.

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One Response to New Samples

  1. Barbara says:

    Lovely stuff! How do you find the time?

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