The Journal. Again.

When I last posted about my journal/planner it was in August and I was using a Midori field notes size planner. I have a lot of Field notes books. They’re easy to carry around and they’re small. If I want to take a smaller bag, it’s perfect to throw that in.

Here’s the thing; This size is great when I’m on the go, but it sucks for day to day and work planning. There is just too much going on in my day to have this size work for me. I tried. It doesn’t work. About a month ago I upgraded to the larger planner.
Both of these are Maverics from Chic Sparrow

The larger planner holds more, it’s just more. Right out of the gate the smaller size was a little bit of a struggle and I was tweaking and trying to make it work. This one, is just working. Let me show you what I have going on in there.

First I stuck some Midori plastic pockets on both inner covers. In hindsight, I should have gotten the deluxe versions of this journal that had pockets of leather already in there. It’s ok, These are working.

My first book is my food diary. New week so you don’t have to look at how horrid I ate last week. That wasn’t planned but it did work out well in my favor.

My next book is the planner. The way this is laid out is perfect. You can see there isn’t much for this week yet and that I’m using post it’s liberally. There are a few things that I know can’t be finished in one week. Instead of rewriting each week I’m carrying them along on a post it every week. If the stickiness dies before these action items are crossed off, I’ll have to accept a stern talking to.

My final book in this one is the one with notes. I still have my field notes planner with all the other things in it and another Midori set up for sketching and painting. This makes this book the perfect size.

Instead of getting a new plastic pocket insert for this size, I stole the one I had in the Field note size. It’s maybe not absolutely perfect but it does work. And you can see my postit note holder. You can also see all the receipts that I carry around until I process through them and there are full size papers that fit in here (folded like a letter into 3s). I make liberal use of the clips and pins to hold all the books just where I want them.

All in all, at the moment, this is the perfect planner for me. I’ll of course let you know if that changes.

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