A Tale of Two Muslins

A long long time ago I warped up one of the floor looms and wove off a bunch of tweed. I didn’t really pay attention to length or width. I wasn’t sure what I wanted otu of it so any size fabric would work, right? The fabric was exactly what I hoped for but it didn’t fit any conventional pattern for a jacket that I had. I have no problem making my own patterns on the fly but still, I procrastinated. Now, I want it bad enough that I’m willing to do what it takes to make a pattern.
I took a piece of muslin and cut it to the exact dimension of the piece of fabric I had. I had an idea but I needed to cut up some fabric I didn’t care about first and see how it works. Last night this is one of the things I needed to play with. It worked out so I took out some of the seams and cut into the woven tweed.
It’s all cut now waiting to be put together…. I’m hoping this jacket will pass as my “Rhinebeck Sweater” in a couple of weeks.

Hot on the heels of Beth and her skirt, I needed to finish this one that I recently pulled off the Rigid Heddle. It was finished during my Weave-kend. This one I had measured and warped accurately for what I wanted. I was using my standard A line skirt as a pattern. I wanted it to be fully lined so I made a little muslin just to be sure that it all worked out as I thought.
Look at how that fabric goes with it.
And it’s a good thing that I made this muslin because I changed my mind and I’m making a modified pencil skirt instead of A line….More on this to come.

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