I teach.

I remember being in Kindergarten doing those crazy little pages that they have kids do; “Draw what you want to be when you grow up”. I always drew a teacher. Though, at that time, I was planning on becoming an elementary school teacher. I kept this theme running right through college when my major was “Art education”. Sometime in highschool I had fallen for the arts hard and I knew that I needed to teach a specialty. Little did I know how specialized that would become.

Fast forward to today when I’m a teacher of the fiber arts. I’ve taught knitting and crochet but really I specialize in Spinning and Weaving. This was the wonderful class I taught over the weekend in Rhode Island.
If you live in the Rhode Island area and don’t already belong to this guild, why? They’re an amazing group of people and you need to really think about joining.

I came back from that class and along with regular work waiting for me is my next teaching assignment. Rhinebeck. I’m teaching 6 classes there over 4 days. Seems like a hectic schedule but I think I’m up for the task. Right now I’m working on polishing up outlines, my handouts, and making new samples. I don’t know why this is a habit of mine but I’m always making new samples when I have a class.

Somewhere along the way I figure out a better display or come up with a better way to describe and show off a particular technique. I don’t show it here but for the Gotta Have Shades Class, I decided I wanted larger samples and I ditched the notebook they were in. So all of these samples are being moved and transferred into a new home.

Or maybe I’ve just decided to ball up a sample and use it.
Then there is all the prep. Like the Get Fleeced class needs to have new fleece prepped and chose. Which one do I chose?
Maybe I’ll pick up new ones in Fryeburg in a couple of weeks… All the classes have some amount of prep. Soon, my whop will be filled with bags like these:
All kinds of goodies. Bags and bags and bags of fibers will be put together. Actually, I should be hitting the dye pots. Some of these classes use a ridiculous amount of fibers. If you’re in my classes, I hope you’re ready to make yarns. If you’re not in a class, why not? I don’t teach a lot of these classes outside of a workshop so this is one of the last few chances for this year to get some of these classes.

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One Response to I teach.

  1. Paulette says:

    Thank you Amy for teaching this class. It was well planned out and you managed to
    make sure that everyone understood what you were teaching. I was very pleased with
    what you taught us.

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