The production sew

Most of my crafting is about process. Sometimes I’ll start a knitting project and not ever finish it. That’s perfectly fine by me. All the process and never a product. It works for me with the knitting and sometimes the weaving. Not that I don’t love it when I have a new sweater but I’m good with ripping an unfinished project if that’s the way it goes.

Sewing is usually not like that for me. I sew to have a garment and I have a production style way of doing it. My time is always limited so the way I do it is about getting the most bang for my buck. I often only have 30-60 minutes to work on things so I separate things out into processes. It may take a little time before I have anything finished but when I finish, I’ll end up with a whole bunch of items at once.

Part of my production process has to do with the places I like to do things. I like to do all my cutting at the shop where there is a big table in the back where my Mom does her ceramics. First, I lay out all the cloth I want to work with. We won’t even talk about the size of my cloth stash right now.

I pair them up with all the patterns I want to make. You can see some don’t have a paper pattern on it, sometimes I use a piece of ready made clothing (often one I’ve made) as a pattern. Those that don’t have a pattern on top of them, that’s what will happen to them.

That process usually takes up my 30 minutes. The next time I’ll cut everything out. I’ll keep the patterns with the cut out item and sometimes there are more than one which actually makes seaming up easier.

The next time I have time, I will seam like a madwoman. I have a serger and part of my madness of seaming but not finishing is that I would have to move my chair from one machine to the other. But also ironing in-between sometimes. I know what that sounds like but it’s true. So I’ll do all the edges that need to be serged and I’ll do all the seaming that needs to be done on the serger. This is an invaluable thing for knits. Then I’ll iron all the hems and plackets and edges and whatnot that needs to be done. This is my little stack of ironed items. 1 Washi Dress, 2 No2 Dresses, and one A-line skirt.
The other night when I was seaming I had a few other items that were knits and a couple of items that I needed to think about before ironing. The next time I get a chance, I’ll do all the hems, edges, make buttonholes, add buttons, and put in zippers. Then I’ll have a few new items to add to my wardrobe.

That’s not to say that I’ve forgotten about weaving for cloth….
I have these 2 pieces, a couple more pieces on looms, and another one that is getting a custom pattern that I’ve started a muslin for. Maybe I’ll talk about all of those soon. Weaving cloth is still pretty much my obsession at the moment.

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