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This post here is going to serve as the second post in 2 series. I had a feeling the Business posting would continue regardless of comments (because I have things to say sometimes) and the Bullet Journal or journalling in general is an ongoing process for me. Back at the beginning of 2014 when I made my First post about the Bullet Journal I wasn’t sure where that would lead. The bullet journal was a revolution for me. I talked about all of that already in my posts about the journals recently. You can read about all of that in these posts of mine:
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Today, I want to talk about how lists (and journals/planners) impact business. They can be really important to running a business smoothly. You have things to do. Right? Sometimes tiny things, sometimes HUGE things. When the tiny things are todos, they can be easy to do on the spot or push aside. If you push them aside, maybe they get forgotten until they become a more immediate thing to do. Some people manage well without lists but many people don’t. I’m one of those people that needs lists in order to function well. Without lists I only see the big items that need to get done, I get stressed out, and I need to see that I’m accomplishing things. Lists are the things that save my bacon.

There are many ways in which to make lists and there are many postings online about other people’s lists. I’m going to show you one of the ways that I make lists and if this just doesn’t suit you, look around. There are many online tutorials and ideas. Or start with one way and then change it to work for you.

First: When I have little things to do I jot them down.
Take vitamins.
Drink more water.
Do a dye batch first thing
Run to the grain store.
All of those things I can likely remember but having a few things on a daily list that are easy to cross off can be the icing on your day. LOOK AT HOW MUCH I GOT DONE!. No, don’t read the items, just see that I filled in all those little boxes (see bullet journal to know what I mean). Plus it helps me not forget. Because if I had to push one of the little items to the next day, I’m less likely to forget it tomorrow if it’s listed.

HUGE list items. Let’s say my HUGE item is that I’m prepping for a fiber show. That could be a list item but seeing that can be overwhelming. It’s easier for me to break it down in chunks. I also assign it deadlines because that’s what I need. Solid deadlines.
Here’s an idea about how to get ready for vending at a fiber show:
And then I break it down into dated chunks:
I can then put those individual bullet items into the planner part of my journal. That particular page can get labeled and indexed like you would in a bullet journal and referred back to. Every time you do a show, you can see if these times work for you or if you need to tweak them one way or the other. If you have this listed like this, then put out in your planner, you have the list here to refer to in the future and in your planner, it helps in the immediate.

Let’s say that I had a Teaching gig – Just writing that in my planner is not going to help me. Those things can sneak up on you if you’re not expecting it.
samples, fiber for students, project sheet for them, outline for me, pack fiber and project sheets
I might even break some of that down further into which colorways the fibers are dyed in and when I’m dyeing them. If I need to order stuff like threads or something for a corespinning class, I need to have that all ordered in enough time to get it shipped in if I can’t just go pick that up somewhere. That seems like a simplistic list. I can break things out into smaller and smaller chunks and assign them deadlines so that I can get this all done in time. So when the day comes to teach, I can pack up my bags, load the truck and head out.

All of this sounds terribly organized doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll show you a picture of my desk or my closet sometime so you can see where my organizational skills fall down. Your lists can be on paper or digital. I tried digital and it just doesn’t work for me. I need the paper. I need the tactile feel. Also something about physically writing something out makes it more of a concrete thing in my mind and I remember it easier. If writing doesn’t work for you – use digital. But make your lists so you can be more effective.

Find what works for you. Like I said previously, if what you’re doing isn’t broke then there is no reason to fix it. If something could work better, change your methods.

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  1. Thank you I needed to read this. You’ve given me a easel to paint my own listy pictures upon.

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