I still spin…

I haven’t talked much about spinning lately. I’ve been updating my teaching samples and just working on super secret stuff so I haven’t been able to talk about a lot of spinning. I did play in the MegaSAL that featured stuff from the Discworld books and 6 different dye artists. I managed to finish a skein from each of the dyers. I figured I’d take you for a walk through what I did for that.

Spunky Eclectic
Wensleydale – Octarine plied with Ginkgo

BFL – Rincewind with a wrap of mylar thread

Fat Cat Knits
SW-Merino with sparkle – Noble Dragon – 2 ply

Hello Yarn
BFL Silk – You Can’t Grow a Good Witch on Chalk plied with SE tarnished (because I wanted to make it stretch for a whole sweater’s worth) I only have 8 ounces done so far (4 oz of Chalk, 4 oz of Tarnished). I really should finish this. I want this sweater now.

Into the Whirled
Merino Silk – Quoth – 2 ply. It’s already becoming a shawl albeit very slowly.

Falkland – Magrat – Novelty singles with crazy lumps of natural spun as I was doing the singles. No plying here.

Southern Cross Fibre
Finn – Nobby – 2 ply. These will be great socks.

I have other spins going on but maybe I’ll keep those for another time as this turned out to be pretty picture heavy. I hope you’re spinning too. There is all kinds of sanity in the spin.

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