Sewing – 15 minutes at a time

It seems like lately I can’t eke out a full hour or 2 to get some sewing done. Then again, even when I manage to find the time, I have a hard time focusing on just one project start to finish. It might have something to do with working in short bursts and having a bunch of stuff started. Or that I allow myself the luxury of flitting around from project to project.

Let me tell you about the past few months of sewing. I have 30 minutes this week. Next week 45 minutes. 3 weeks from now, an hour…. This is how it goes. Bits and pieces of time. What do I do with that time?

15 minutes: I’ll pick up a piece of mending that needs to get done. There is almost always mending that is needed. Maybe I left the last project with a couple of hems that need to be finished or a pocket to be sewn. I can get that done in 15.
30 minutes: I’ll cut out a pattern or maybe piece something today. Maybe I’ll heat up the iron and slap on some interfacing that needs to be done.
45 minutes+: I’ll do all the things I can cram in. Cut, piece, finish…but I probably won’t iron because I’ve found all this time and who wants to waste that on an ironing date?

Last night I had 45 minutes. This morning, I had 15. That’s a whole hour of sewing!!!
I managed to mend a couple of pairs of shorts then I pieced together the bodices on a couple of shirts and capped it all off with finishing the hems. This morning, I managed to finish the hems on a third shirt! I also managed to use up all the serger thread in one bobbin so the next time I get to sew, the first 15 will be spent threading, re-threading, swearing and then re-threading that thing. Still, I managed to get three pieces all done and wearable!!!


First up is the last finished. It’s a Dress no. 2 from 100 Acts of Sewing. I think I mentioned cutting out more of these and also buying the new Dress No 3 pattern. This one, like the last one of these I showed off is made of Linen. Unlike the last one that I knew needed pockets, I am undecided about this one. One pocket or two?

Next is one of my favorite patterns and maybe I’ll talk about that again some other day as I’ve made a bunch of things from this pattern. It’s McCalls 5106 (discontinued). I made it with a particularly lush piece of batik that I’ve had in my stash for a while.

Finally is the one I chose to wear today. New Look pattern 6871. It’s the second one of these I’ve made. The last one was a little short. This one fits nice and I do like it much better. I just wish I had had enough of the fabric to add on pockets.

And we can all thank my teenage daughter for the hilarious photos.

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One Response to Sewing – 15 minutes at a time

  1. Rubiy says:

    Those are all fantastic! Also, your hair is looking fab. I’m off to look up that smockity-smock number. I’ve got all kinds of linen that is begging to do something other than sit in my sewing closet. Cheers!

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