Least to Most

Once upon a time I had some minty green linen. It wasn’t my color but it was on sale. I knew I could dye it so I set about with some shibori like dyeing and did it up with a little darker green.
Only it didn’t cover it all as it wasn’t supposed to. I thought it would be good enough.

I made myself a dress/smock out of it and hated it. I couldn’t even finish the hems and pockets. I disliked it that much. So overdyed in a really dark green. That didn’t do it. I overdyed it in deep blue. That didn’t do it. I then dyed it in black. Still not right. I had thoughts of tossing it in the trash and we’d never speak of this thing again let alone take pictures and show you all. Then I decided to do one last thing. I took a spray bottle of bleach to it.

The bestest most favorite smock I own.

And ya know, in all my dyeing efforts and tirades, I had ripped a little hole in the back. Not all is lost folks! I made it a patch that makes it even better still.

More dresses coming up. When there is a success it always fuels more. Right?

Sonya released a new pattern yesterday. I’m hoping to get a couple more of “Dress No. 2” done by the time No.3 gets here.

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