Less Is More

The title up there is for the sweater that I actually finished knitting though it might apply to my blogging. To me, Less blogging means more other things are getting done. Though I couldn’t tell what that more might be. I thought of posting a “catching up, I’ve been gone 2 months” but I couldn’t really come up with too many momentous things that have happened in these past 2 months, though someone will likely remind me of what I couldn’t remember right this minute.

I taught some stuff. I vended at a couple of shows. I cleaned some barns. We have another baby goat. School has ended for one kid but the one that’s being homeschooled is definitely still dragging her feet about doing her finish up work for the end of the year. Obviously I’m not all that tough with her. She’s the one that will be missing out on her summer if she’s doing schoolwork so I’ll let her drag by a bit longer to teach her a lesson in procrastination.

Oh. I also made some yarn and did some knitting. I had a run in with one of the sheep and I hurt my hand which is still bothering me so knitting has been precious and slow at times. Which makes a finished sweater a tiny miracle. I am a champion project starter, not so worried about finishing these things so actually, any finished project is a tiny miracle some times. Still, I thought a new sweater might be cool instead of starting one. No, wait, I wanted to start one too. So I started one and then I decided to finish one. A little backwards from most people but it worked out because I finished a sweater.

We’re not going to talk about the started sweater today – just the one that’s finished. I’ve already stolen enough of it’s spotlight.


It’s all 2 ply handspun.
Top to bottom:
1.Spunky Eclectic Fibers – Standing Stones
2. Hello Yarn – Still Life
3.Southern Cross Fibres – Gunslinger
4. Southern Cross Fibres – Yellowstone
5. Spunky Eclectic – Black Forest


I adore this sweater. I’m not usually a pull over person but this one isn’t thick, it’s long and it fits really well. I made modifications to the Driftwood pattern beyond the Less is More coloring. I didn’t follow the stitch counts exactly because I like to knit 2 different sizes at once. Though I’ve been working on it long enough and made so few notes that I can’t tell you exactly what I did. I would absolutely recommend this pattern though to anyone that wanted to make it.

And just so you can see me looking all bonkers:

Thanks to my teen for the 40+ pictures of me with crazy eyes or moving.

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5 Responses to Less Is More

  1. Debbie says:

    Love that sweater – I just went and grabbed the pattern! What you’ve done with the colours is amazing. I hope you wear the heck out of that thing because it’s rad.

  2. elaine says:

    Gorgeous! What all you did – it’ perfect!

  3. Wow, your sweater is absolutely gorgeous! The colours look amazing striped together like that.

  4. enallagma9 says:

    Wicked cute! And I hear you on the philosophical less is more question: there are so many things I don’t do that I should, and yet nothing much is getting done fiber-wise. Do I have to wait till I retire, ten years from now (at best), before I can make all the things in my head?

  5. Kathy says:

    That sweater is gorgeous! I love the shape and the progression of colors.

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