Just this past Monday while I was still driving back from the Yarn Cupboard Retreat (which was awesome by the way), two baby girlie goats were born here.
We bred our Cashgora Rosie to a lovely Angora buck just to see how her udder would shape up (would she be a milker?) and what the fiber would be like on the 75% Angora babies. We also bred our full Angora girl to the same buck. She’s due in a few more weeks and I’m sure you’ll see another blog post about her.

What’s Cashgora fiber? Cashgora is a fiber that results from crossing an Angora goat with a Cashmere producing goat. As of this moment there is no specific breed of goat labeled Cashmere. It’s being worked on and there are certainly goats that put off a more reliable coat of cashmere. When a goat breed is named officially then it’s possible this type of fiber would get renamed or the definition shifted. This is also like Pygora. Pygora is specifically Pygmy and Angora. Nigora is specifically Nigerian Dwarf and Angora.

Anyway. Baby pics. Rosie belongs to my 9 year old and she’s already named the 2 babies:
Who likes to hide a lot

Who is curious and in my face (or the face of the camera). She’s also the healthier of the two. Misty had a hard time on Monday but Bleu is rip roaring and ready to go. Hopefully Misty will catch up quickly.
These two are darn cute when they can play together.

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4 Responses to Babies!!!

  1. Manise says:

    Too stinking cute! I love their “smiles”. Fingers crossed Misty catches up.

  2. elaine k says:

    Congrats to all! Hoping Misty will catch up quick :-)

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