Can’t knit…

Holy cow. Can’t knit.
Can’t knit.

That’s what keeps going through my head. I injured my left thumb wrangling sheep last week and I can’t knit. It’s excruciating to just think of it. I tried every little way I could think of to do it and it just isn’t happening. Oh, I can still spin but the knitting isn’t happening. Even spinning, I need to limit the time. My spinning method now can only be called the Claw…
Maybe more on that another time

Back to the issue at hand. What is a girl to do? I sat there and whined about not knitting. Certainly that works but it loses it’s charm fast.

Then sitting at Port Fiber this past weekend, looking at their wall of Hockett looms I remembered that I had one too. I used it a couple of times to weave wee color samples but never bothered to set it up for tapestry. I’m traveling again this weekend so I wonder if I could set up a tapestry project to do instead of knitting.

Yes. Yes I can.

This is my kit:
This is what’s in it:
The project with extra threads to finish it off, the warp for another project (can’t have just one), and a wee spindle with fiber to make yarn for the next project or even this one should I run out of the blues.

It’s just a simple doodle with no rhyme or reason really.
If you make it out to the Yarn Cupboard Retreat this weekend, you’ll see me with my little loom or spinning on my MegaSAL project

If you want a Hockett loom – see Port Fiber Or contact them directly for different sizes and woods. We don’t carry them here at Spunky Eclectic but I’m looking into other brands of small tapestry looms so stay tuned. We do carry Schacht and Glimakra ones that are lovely though a little bigger.

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