I get around.

Well. I used to get around and it seems as though this year I will be getting around again. I don’t mean it in the filthy sense but in the leaving my own neighborhood sense. I’ve pretty well stuck close to home while the kids were young but they’re older now and they can help take care of the barn yard more. In fact, there are some days they do all the chores. It’s such a relief to have that help some days. I’m even planning on teaching the teenager to run the shop this summer so I won’t have to close the shop every time I leave. She knows how to spin, crochet and weave so I’m hoping she’ll fit right in.

What all that means is that I can do a few more workshops and teaching engagements away from home.

Wanna see where I’ll be?

April 11-12 Port Fiber in Portland Maine (All the Color, Longdraw truth or dare, and All the singles yarns)

April 18-19 at the Yarn Cupboard Retreat in Syracuse NY (All the Singles Yarns, Longdraw truth or dare, Woolen vs Worsted Throwdown)

May 16-17 – Minnesota Shepherd’s Harvest (All the Color, Longdraw truth or dare, Woolen vs Worsted Throwdown)

June 27 – Teaching Corespinning/Plying (full day) at WEBS in No. Hampton MA

September 12-13 – Rhode Island Spinner’s Guild – (Sock it to me!) at Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

October 15-18 – Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool – (The Yarn you Want, Textures for Traditionals, Get Fleeced, Gotta Have Shades, All the Single Yarns, and
It’s so Fluffy I could Die) – Rhinebeck NY

I’m working on others like Philadelphia and I’ve booked at least one for next year in New Jersey. I’m still running around with Spunky Eclectic at 4 more festivals plus trunk shows at the Yarn Cupboard in April and The Rhode Island Spinner’s Guild in September. Should make for a busy year. I’m working on some new classes and new samples even for the older classes. I’m making gobs of yarns and that’s what it’s all about, right?

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2 Responses to I get around.

  1. Loraine Lee says:

    WHOOHOO !!!!! NJ next year ! I will anxiously be awaiting the information and will be there with bells on :) !!!

  2. Leigh says:

    What! Teenager! They were wee girls last time I looked!

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