3 Dinners from 1

I’m sure a lot of you use a lot of the same tricks as I do but I thought I might share one with you. After all, it might be a new idea to some of you.


First I start with roasting a huge pans of these vegetables. Sometimes it’s just the root veg and a few other things that I have on hand, other times I purposefully shop for all the veg to make this. This is the first dinner. We eat about one third of the veg I make. It’s a huge tray. So the first meal, this is our starchy side dish with some protein and a green of some sort.

The second meal we have is a calzone or stromboli type deal. I make a pie crust (everything is better with a pie crust right?) or really thin pizza crust. It depends on my mood and how much time I put into it. Ask yourself “How much butter do I want to eat tonight?” – ALL OF IT! ok. not always but if you want more butter, make the pie crust. Otherwise, do a bread dough. I layer in spinach on the bottom and then leftover roasted veg and beans (white beans or black eyed peas work best) and finally cheese. Provolone, Mozarella, Parmesan, or a mix of these seem to work the best. Roll it up or cover it up, however this works best for you. It’s a log of a dinner. No sides needed, all the protein, starch, and greens are all in it. I bake it like any stromboli and the last 10 minutes, I top with some cheese for a crust and then serve it hot in slices with spaghetti sauce.

We still have about one third of the roasted veg. It does freeze well but if you wanna squeak one more meal out, you can use it to make a stew or a pot pie. Stew and pot pie are similar. You need to add some protein to it. At this point I’m usually adding in tempeh because that’s how we roll. I make a gravy out of miso but you can go the whole meaty route and add in chicken and a jar of chicken gravy. Water it down a bit for a stew, leave it thicker for a pot pie. Most of the time with the pot pie, I just make it a one cruster. No bottom crust, just the top one. Again, you need to ask yourself how much butter you want to eat tonight.

Even if you’re gluten free, making a gluten free crust isn’t that hard. Tons of recipes out there so I don’t want to bog this post down with a lot of that when if you’re gluten free or not, you probably already have your favorites. The miso gravy though is something I rarely see so I’ll tell you how I do that. I don’t use measurements often. I take a big glop of my favorite Miso (barley) and stir it into water. It’s about 2 water to 1 miso. I stir until the miso is all integrated with the water. Add in corn starch or agar agar (depending on if you’re corn free or not) and then heat it up. Yes, I know boiling kills some of the miso goodness so try not to boil it but really here, we want a gravy and if you kill happy bacteria then that’s what happens, it still tastes darn good.

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One Response to 3 Dinners from 1

  1. cosmicpluto says:

    Yum! Roasted veggies are the best. If you ever want to try a different miso gravy, I really love this one. Engevita is powdered nutritional yeast, but I’ve used the flakes with no problem. http://www.thestar.com/life/food_wine/recipes/2010/01/13/miso_gravy.html

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