Simple Wrap Skirt – V1

I have a bunch of different wrap skirts. In knit material they’re crazy easy to make. As you might have guessed from the title up there, I’m going to show you more than one version of a wrap skirt. You don’t want to make the same one all the time right?
This one I made from a skirt that I already had. The original skirt is a plain woven material and not knit so it doesn’t stretch nor have all the movement and ease of a knit one.
You can see that is has a curve at the bottom and at the top. This is to make it fit you better when it’s in woven material.
If you don’t have a skirt to go by then you can use a few things to make your own. See how that hula hoop mimics the curve at the bottom?

Here’s the measurements you’re going to need to make this all work out.
A – the length you want it. Note that you don’t necessarily need to hem the edge of a knit. You can leave a cut edge bare and it won’t usually fray (check your material). You can also simply serge the edge or add a zigzag decoration with your standard machine. If you’re going to hem, make sure to include that in this measurement.
B – how big are you around 1.5 times then cut in half (just to make it difficult). You could probably ball park this within an inch or two though I have found there are times I go to measure myself (just to be extra careful) and I’m an inch or 2 bigger or smaller than I remember. Our memories are a funny thing.
C – You don’t even really need a secure measurement for this. This is the tail. You just don’t want it to be a full half a wrap (and cut this in half because we’re cutting on a fold)

Don’t forget that you will need ties. The length of these depends on what you want. I like something that I can reasonably wrap around myself an extra time if needed. More is better than less. This means that my ties are each 30 inches long or longer. I usually cut them from a length of fabric and only trim if I feel they’re too long.

Example measurements
A. Length is 26 inches but I want a hem on the bottom so I’m going to need 27 inches at the longest length
B. Waist is 28 inches but I want it to sit lower so lets say where I want it to go is 30 inches. I’ll need 1.5 of those so 45 inches.Then cut in half 21.5
C. Less than 15 inches and then halve it… I’m gonna say about 6 inches.

You can make a paper pattern or a simple muslin one or just mark your fabric and cut away. You can make a more flat bottom, make your own curve or use a hula hoop to help you out. There is no wrong way here.

I want to mention; I use a lot of remnants and cheap fabric. The fabric I used for this skirt cost me all of $5 and I still have some left. But it’s a quality fabric at the same time. Rustle around in the bargain bin. You want good quality stuff. But, using remnants or cheaper material will make you feel like it’s ok to screw up. It’s also ok to make a cheap skirt and then see how it fits. See if you like it, then use that pattern on some pricey material that you really love. Make notes and JUST DO IT.
So you have your pattern or you’ve decided to mark and hack into the fabric with scissors. Lay out your fabric and fold it in half – Note that you want the stretch to go AROUND your body and not up and down. The fabric I used here is a 4 way stretch. Some 4 ways are equal in all 4 directions and some are more stretchy in ONE direction. Make that stretchiest part go around you.
Cut…. Hem if you’re going to. Add your ties to the ends of your skirt. No really it’s that simple. There is very little sewing in this. This forgiving type of pattern only works well with the knits. You need slightly more effort and shaping with a woven material

Something else I need to tell you though. About sewing….circlewrapskirt-wrapping
Knits don’t like a straight stitch. If you don’t have an overlock (and few do) then you’ll need do a zig zag for your hems or it won’t stretch. You can do an almost straight zig zag, but it still needs to be a zig zag in order to be successful.

Ok. Go dig through your fabric stash or go haunt your local fabric store.

By the way, this skirt makes a great cover up for heading to yoga class. Easy on, easy off and you get total bum coverage.

And ask questions. I do this fly by my seat of the pants sewing all the time and I might have missed a direction that will help you, so ask.

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3 Responses to Simple Wrap Skirt – V1

  1. vicki says:

    Oooh, I love this!! Thanks for a great tutorial!

  2. sandandsky says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. I need one of these cute skirts!

  3. Brenda says:

    I love this!

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