Have you heard of this?
In a nutshell: 6 professional fiber dyers are putting out special colorways based on Terry Pratchet’s Discworld series of books. This month the dyers are putting out the products for order or pre-order and in April we officially start the SAL. You don’t need to read the books to get the colors but it’s a fun group read-along. The group with more info is Here on Ravelry. 3 of us dyers have listed our colors already (you can see Spunky Eclectic’s offering here). Which means 3 more are coming soon. I’ve bought fiber and I will buy more but I don’t have any of it in my hot little hands except mine to talk about right now.

My colors are Octarine and Rincewind. If you haven’t read the books I’ll give you a bit of a background on these.

Octarine is a fictional/magical color. In the first book “The Colour of Magic”, the made up 8th color of the spectrum is sort of described. Based on the description and the color that happened in my minds eye, this is what I came up with:

Rincewind is a failed wizard. He’s a bit of a bumbler, a coward at times while brave at others (though mostly cowardly). Yet, somehow he manages to succeed. He gets into a lot of scrapes and I think he has a good heart underneath all of his bumbling. I find him very normal and really relatable even when his cowardice is frustrating to watch.

I’ve managed to spin some of the Octarine already because I like to spin up a shop sample. I was drawn to the Wensleydale in the bright colors. But it somehow wasn’t bright enough so I’m plying it with my almost solid color “Ginkgo”.

I have a little more to spin and ply but I’m loving this effect. Now, I did start to think it would be great in weaving. Do a twill that uses Octarine as the weft and Ginkgo as the warp…or visa versa. I might need to have more of this and plan a new skirt. But that’s not the only plans I have. I want to make something with the progression version of this colorway only I haven’t decided what. With the Falkland version I am pairing it with “Sky”.
I haven’t decided if it’s going to get plied together or maybe stripes in socks? I don’t get to pull any more of this stuff out of production until orders are filled so I have time to decide.

I have plans for Rincewind too.
Look how good it goes with the Dijon. I was thinking I might make a two ply (one Rincewind and one Dijon) but the more I think about it, the more I just plain want a sweater out of this. The plan is for Rincewind in Cheviot with Dijon colorwork.

Lofty plans for a girl that’s a little behind in her spinning and knitting projects, eh?
I’m great with the plans, we’ll see what happens with execution. This SAL doesn’t start until April 1 so that gives me time to work on the Naked Stashdown and finish up some work sample spinning. And planning. More planning. Time to clear those bobbins though.

oh! I almost forgot. The Spunky Eclectic group on Ravelry is doing another Lace Along this spring/summer. We’re doing voting until the end of the month. The first stage of nominations and voting is going on now. Second stage of voting will start on the 16th.

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2 Responses to MegaSAL

  1. Erica Gunn says:

    That’s a fun idea! As a big Pratchett fan, I will enjoy watching the colors appear. I’m afraid I will watch from the sidelines, though, as my spinning stash is not in need of any enhancement!

  2. Leigh says:

    Loving Rincewind. What a marvellous tribute to a great author. I was lucky enough to hear home speak at the national theatre. Wonderful sense of humour.

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