What’s Spinning?

I’ve been working on spinning as I always do. Have you noticed that I don’t often show off what I’m working on? Spinning is a daily part of my life. Sometimes it feels like it would be showing off my breakfast every day and no one really wants to see that. Or do you? Today I’m going to talk about what I’ve been spinning. It’s a big one because I’ll wrap it all up in one post.

Recently off the wheel:
Spunky Eclectic Club January 2015 “Frostbite” on Targhee.
It’s a fingering weight 2 ply. About 400 something yards (I don’t usually bother counting so accurately)

Spunky Eclectic Club February 2015 “Gerbera” on Shetland
This one is a Sport weight Fractal 2 ply. About 360-ish yards. It’s already becoming socks
The colors were crazy bright in the fiber and I muted them quite a bit by doing the fractal. I think I need to spin another round of this and chain ply so I can have some really bright socks.

This is one of Spunky Eclectic’s new limited edition colorways. “Simple Love”. This one is from our Colorway for a Cause Campaign. You can read about it in that link. I didn’t exactly go for a fine yarn with this one. I’m going to make some crazy mittens and all the imperfections that are in this yarn will be hidden with some knitting. Not to mention the mittens are going to be for a kid so they’ll likely be lost half way through next winter.

This the other newest limited edition colorway. “A New Dawn”. I decided to spin this one thick and thin then ply it with some sparkly red thread. It’s always a fun time to break from making “normal” yarns and do something a little crazy. This colorway will be around until 2016.

Last but not least, I’ve managed to get a little bit done in the Naked Stashdown:
The big skein is a mystery to me but it’s lovely and squishy. The little skein is Merino that is meant to go with my Black Pearl for a colorwork sweater.

I have a lot more that needs to be done in the Naked Stashdown and I’m hoping I get to it. When your life revolves around color, it’s sometimes hard to find time to get to the non-colored and natural fibers.

On the wheel now:
I’m working on samples for the next 3 months of club but I can’t show you those yet. That’s right, I’m working on them simultaneously. I spin a bobbin and then I start a new bobbin with the next one. I need to spin one more bobbin of each and then ply. It keeps things interesting. That’s not all I’m working on though. I have more than one wheel and I can’t seem to keep at just one project.
I’m working on the second skein of yarn so I can finish these socks:
I’m also working on this grey stuff to be woven into a skirt:

Waiting for wheel time:
A whole bunch of things!
Lovely fibers I picked up at SPA this past weekend. Hand dyed by Casey of Port Fiber.

abby2 abby
Abby Franquemont fibers. A batt that had my name written all over it before she even sent the box of goodies and a roving that I took because Monday was such a pain in the bum. Don’t worry there’s plenty more Abby batts and stuff that I haven’t pilfered. Those will be in the Spunky Eclectic March update.

Last but not least are these 2. They look pretty grey but that’s because I’m not giving them away yet. These are my colors for the MegaSAL. They’ll be going live on the 5th but I’ll be putting up some teasers here and there.

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2 Responses to What’s Spinning?

  1. Lovely! All my yarn is white right now.

  2. Jo-Ann says:

    I bought 5 of those AbbyBatts at SPA! I had so much fun spinning up the first one I had to go back and get more :) They’re awesome to spin!

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