Stashdown and Destash

Yup. I do stashdowns. Mostly so I can spin up what’s in my bins in a fury and then have room left for whatever I want to buy. It’s a stashdown so I can stash-up. I try to do stashdown crazy spin ups before I know I’m going to a show or before a big bunch of fluff is about to come into my life. SPA is coming up at the end of the month and then shearing isn’t really too far off. At Ravelry we just completed a handpainted stash down last week and I got 4lbs done. I mostly didn’t spin the first half of the month because of work stuff but I worked fast in the last half.
L to R
Spunky Eclectic “Black Pearl” – 2ply 1540 (16 oz)
Southern Cross Fibres “Desert Pea” and “Uluru” combo – 2 ply 650 yards (16oz)
Hello Yarn “Timber” – singles yarn – 1320 yards (22oz)

L to R
Spunky Eclectic (all of them)
“Diesel” Gradient – 2 ply 240 yards (8oz) One skein made into a hat already
“Rosa Rugosa” Gradient – 2ply 170 yards (2oz) – working on a sample sock.

Now we’re working on a “Naked” stashdown in preparation for the magical fleece shearing season.

I rarely ever show off my show buys anymore but maybe I’ll remember after SPA. If not, you’ll see my goodies all spun up someday.

I’ve also been stashing-down of a different sort. I have a bunch of unloved commercial yarns. I’m starting to go through my yarns and be realistic about the yarns I love and should keep and the yarns that I bought on a whim because I thought I loved them.
Some things I bought with my kids in mind and they’re no longer hot for whatever color that is. So, if you think you want some of my really nice but unloved yarns (before I can’t stand it and fall in love with them again) you can head over to Ravelry and pick through my wool bins. This is just part of the ceiling stash. I need to go through a few bins and another part of the ceiling.

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2 Responses to Stashdown and Destash

  1. Heather says:

    Well done on the progress you’ve made! I love the variety of textures and colours ;)

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