One pot meal

I see these and they seem like magic. Like magic that couldn’t possibly happen. I pinned a few on Pinterest and then waited for a time when I felt game.

That happened a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t really feel like cooking but someone needed to. I felt like maybe I could throw a bunch of stuff in the pot and if it wasn’t great, oh well. That was about of the extent that I cared about dinner that night.

I pulled up the recipe and decided to modify a little bit.
I cut up an onion first and started to saute that. I like the flavor it lends and onion so I figured I could put that much effort in at least. I sauted the onion while I cut up everything else. Then it all went into the pot like the recipe said. Well, almost like the recipe said. I also added in some tempeh for protein. Gotta have your protein. And I reduced the amount of water. I was still skeptical and I’m glad that I was, all the water called for would have been too much for my happiness.

I set my timer and I walked away.

Then no kidding, 10 minutes later, dinner. I tossed in some corn starch to thicken up the juice that was left. It would have been fine left alone but I prefer gravy over au jus. I also managed to chop some cilantro and throw on some cashews.
Perfect easy meal.
If you were doubting these too, just grab the ingredients and give it a go.

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One Response to One pot meal

  1. Jo-Ann says:

    I’ve made the italian style one-pot pasta, but this looks yummy! Just bookmarked it to try :) Thanks for sharing!

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