I have a bunch on the needles.
I should probably finish some…. one?
Could this be what I turn to when the hat fad has passed?

By now you might have noticed that I like to start these things more than I care about finishing them. I know this would bother some of you. Me, not so much. When I feel the need to have the sweater, it will get done. Or I’ll rip it and reuse the yarns. Want to see what I’ve got going?

Let’s start with what actually is showing on my Ravelry page.

Less is More #3
This sweater just needs sleeves. I forgot what size needle I was using and as usual, I forgot to make a note. It will get done eventually but at this point….this is where it rests.

sprout dijon
Sprout Growing Roots
I’ve got the hood done and am part way down the yoke. I was working on it to re-release a better sprouts pattern with new features. I kept getting emails and messages from people about this sweater wanting it released now. I admit, I got annoyed. Mostly with myself that I wasn’t able to find/make the time to make this happen. So, I just put it out there as it had been originally. I tossed this sweater aside and haven’t picked it up since. I might finish it eventually. I will not write nor release the new pattern, though.

That’s it. All my sweater WIPs on Ravelry. I’m really slack at putting WIPs on Ravelry… I’m also great at stating the obvious.

There are 2 more categories of sweaters on the needles. One category is the terminal WIPs, UFO’s, waiting to be ripped category. These are sweaters that I have abandoned and I haven’t wanted the yarn bad enough to rip them out. I’m not going to go dig them out. If you’re curious, a couple of them are hibernating in my Rav projects. There might be more of them but I’m not digging around to add them to Rav or talk about them. They deserved a mention but that’s it.

Now….What am I working on that’s active in my WIP basket now?

This might be my most active on the needles project. It’s just a simple top down raglan in Caress Merino silk yarn. I wanted it last spring but I didn’t want it bad enough. Maybe I’ll have it for this spring. The body is done (I’m finishing up the bind off now) and I want elbow length sleeves so it’s close.

I have a version of Canoe on the needles. I wanted a little crop top sweater to go over sleeveless dresses. Sometimes you don’t need a full sweater but you want sleeves, that’s what I’m working on here in a nice summery yarn called Comfort. I really love this yarn even though it’s not wool. I may have a couple other sweater lots of this stuff waiting for inspiration.

I’m in love with this sweater. Completely in love with it and the yarn that I am using. I have to actually follow the pattern though. I need some quiet time to work on it and get the cable patterning in my head then I’ll be able to make some good headway on it. I tell ya, this sweater would be really nice right about now with all the cold weather we’re having.

This is a handspun sweater that I’ve had the body done for a while. It’s a thick and thin chunky knit made from a colorway called “French Alpine” (discontinued Colorway for a Cause color). I finished the body, tried it on, wore it around and tried to decide if it needed sleeves. Yes. I think it needs sleeves but what kind. Close fitting? Bell sleeves? What length? I’ve been stymied on just that one aspect. As soon as I figure it out, I’ll get the sleeves done. It’s a ridiculously quick knit so with a weekend of work, I could have this sweater on my body.

Those 4 sweaters will get done. I want them enough and they’re far enough long that I’ll get them done. When is the bigger question. Other projects do keep jumping in front of them though so…..

I’m spinning for two sweaters at the moment:
Venezia and

Rock Lobster
That’s not even to consider all the handspun that’s already made and waiting for me to do something. I also love a lot of the shop yarns, particularly Targhee Classic.

I want to make Stillwell in the Targhee Classic

and Atalanta in Envy Candy which is a newish yarn that we carry. I love how it looks in the skein but I haven’t knit with it much so I need to get on with that.

I could probably go on and on photographing all my yarn stash talking about what I might like to do with it all but I don’t have the kind of time it takes to do that and you would be sitting here a lot longer and probably get bored half way through. I’m going to leave it at that. We’ll see what ends up coming off the needles next. It’s anyone’s guess really.

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One Response to Sweaters…

  1. elaine says:

    I love yarn changes on Less is More #3. Definitely think you should finish that one-would be gorgeous. I am going to knit a sweater this year-a big person size, that is. Just need to decide on a pattern that I’ll finish. l am getting so I dislike wip’s laying around. (PS. Last night I signed up for your class on Craftsy… Because… Yes! DH brought a wheel home to me for Christmas) :::happy::: for the wheel! :::happy::: for your class! :::happy:::

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