Ply to Knit

So you’ve already taken my class on Craftsy right? Or maybe you are already an intermediate spinner and don’t need it. Do you need to ply better?

This is where Ply to Knit comes in.

This class is taught by one of my favorite people, Jillian Moreno.
She’s a long time spinner and just a really vibrant person in our community. You can tell that she loves the subject and she’s so very much done her homework. Done her homework and mine and yours. Holy cow did Jillian bring it with the samples.

Color samples. Fiber samples. What happens when you do different things or ply different ways. She takes the guess work out of a lot of things. That’s not to say she doesn’t help you do them too so you can learn how to do this yourself. Oh, she does.

If you took this class just to see the samples alone, it would not be a waste of money. So many yarns….but not just the yarns. Jillian brings all the swatches too. Stockinette, lace, cables….
ok. So maybe I get a little swoony with swatches. I can’t help myself. I love a good sample and swatch. One can learn so much from them and Jillian has really made so many for this class. It really does make my heart go pitter patter.

It’s not just all the sampling though. Jillian explains how to make better singles and how to ply better. The best methods and ways to accomplish the yarn you want. She gives you lots of information, troubleshooting, and hints to help you be more productive and to make all the yarns that you already make better. And unless you’re an experience spinner, she’s probably teaching you a few yarns that you don’t make already. She even ends the series with project planning. This really is such a good class.

I got you started with my beginner’s class and Jillian helps you perfect the yarn that you’re making. It’s a really good next step on your way to making excellent yarn.

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One Response to Ply to Knit

  1. Maryse says:

    Ooh This sounds like a good class for me!

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