NEW Skill


I’m not saying that I needed a new project but maybe I just needed a new skill. We all need new skills right? I’m learning to tat. This has been my holiday stress reducer. I just needed something new. I didn’t actually get out to take a class but I’m working through a couple of classes I’ve found online.

I found a bunch of stuff for needle tatting first and that really got me interested. I bought needles and I watched This Lesson. I practiced a bit then I made this little butterfly with some thick mercerized cotton. Its not even close to correct but it’s the first thing I didn’t throw away.

After making that, I looked to the right hand side of the youtube window and saw a lesson in making a bracelet. I didn’t have the #3 cotton thread she called for but I figured I could wing it with some #10 I had laying around. I made this:
It’s smaller than the one OVW made in the video because my thread was thinner. It’s also a little wonky but I’m going to wear it darnit. And I’m going to keep practicing. I did want something a little funkier for thread so I dug through my cones of yarn at the shop to see if I had anything appropriately smooth and sized right. I found some really nice linen and dyed it:

While it was drying, I purchased a couple of shuttles and took the Craftsy Class on Shuttle Tatting. It starts out slow but it’s packed with good info. I know I’ll keep going back there for help. I’m going to learn both methods of tatting and then decide which one I like best. Maybe I’ll just keep doing both. Right now I love the needle but there is something mesmerizing about the shuttle movements and the little click of the thread as it is wound on or off the shuttle. I could watch shuttle tatters making lace forever. Which, is exactly what I’ve been doing. My family loves it. Ok. Not really. It’s nice that they put up with me.

I picked up the shuttle and I’ve been playing around making little rings and tossing them away like I did when I started the needle tatting.
Though I seem to be a little slower at picking up the shuttle tatting. While LilBoog was at dance class I made a joined set of 4 different sized rings trying to get more proficient with the shuttle. Then I went home and picked up the now dry linen and needle….. In the same time it took me to make a little red doodad with the shuttle, I made a bracelet with the needle tatting.
I’m not giving up on the shuttle though, just admitting that I need more practice.

That linen though is some nice stuff. It’s stiff and just about perfect for what I want. You can see how it differs from the #10 cotton I used in the first bracelet:

I have a big cone of the linen that I can dye as I wish….so I did…along with some really nice #20 cotton to play with.

Its the time of year for snowflakes and that bluey stuff is just itching to be tatted into new ornaments.

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2 Responses to NEW Skill

  1. maryse says:

    this is really cool

  2. Kathy Bogaards says:

    My Grandma taught me to tat. I would love to see this needle art come back.

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