Sheep Coats

This is old news now but I still wanted to blog about it. I’m blanketing a couple of the sheep. I am still not sure if I want to go through the hassle of blanketing them all. I want excellent fleece but I feel like our procedures with the goats keeps a lot of the hay out of their fiber and using the same methods, I think the sheep will do well too. Still, 2 of the girls came with coats and I want to see the difference. The coats were none too big when they arrived but only got smaller as they grew.
Did you know that the coats need to be changed not only as the lamb grows into a sheep but if they get a lot of fleece, as a full grown sheep, the blankets should be changed throughout the winter.

I looked around a bit for coats and decided to make them. THIS seems like the best coat tutorial going. It’s not crazy full of photographs and seems to assume you know how to sew before you make these coats. I know how to sew and this is just about what I needed. I measured my girls and then I set about searching through my fabric stash for suitable fabric that I also don’t mind using as coats.

I found some left over outdoor canvas but only enough for one coat. The other got a piece of it but not much.
Pretty right?
Please excuse Ash. She’s a little shy and I have the hardest time getting any pics of her. Angel on the other hand is always right out front looking for a nose scratch or food. Ash is always lagging a little bit behind but you can see here that her coat is still on and still looking good even if the pink is a little dulled by dirt.

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2 Responses to Sheep Coats

  1. elaine says:

    The coats are great!

  2. crafterscupboard says:

    I am interested to see how much difference it makes. We do not have sheep yet but I am looking into blanketing them when we do.

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