Sheep and Farmy things

It’s been a bit crazy around here.
It’s going to slow down….I know it will.

Earlier in the year I bought 4 sheep. CVM/Romeldales. Lovely lovely bunch of walking fleece. Sweet girls and one little whether. I couldn’t pass him up with his darker grey coloring. During Rhinebeck I found myself in the possession of 2 more CVM/Romeldale ewe lambs.

Angel and Ash (in front, I think Aster is behind them inspecting)

Everyone integrated so quickly. The sheep all bonded and formed new little cliques that included the new girls. It was really great to see after having goats that can be rather stand offish and downright mean to new comers. Eventually the sheep and goats all were penned together without a blip. The harmony in this crew makes me feel very lucky.


With the new sheep and expanded number of legs around, we really needed more bunk space for them so we built a new barn. We started right after my last posting here and finished it soon after the new girls arrived.

You can see the very edge of the other barn (white) to the right of the photo and you can see the paddock with all the goat climbing toys. Looks like fun right?
I took this picture a little before the barn was done. There are roof supports now, fully functioning doors and 2 large hay feeders.

Which is good because we’ve already had snow. The sheep still want to graze but the snow kind of puts a damper on that a bit. Not that they don’t still snuffle through the snow but they’re not getting much and will head back to the hay.

Look how pretty my lead girls are. Aster and Angel. Always the ones first to follow, first to eat, first to nuzzle my hands with sloppy wetness asking for dinner.

Not that it’s been all about sheep here. Goats got sheered. I turned some of their luscious locks into batts that are making their way online soon. I’ve had a show, I’ve taught classes and I’ve started another pattern series. I will talk about these other things and my holiday knitting in more posts to come.

Happy Monday.

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2 Responses to Sheep and Farmy things

  1. Manise says:

    Beauties all of them. Esp Aster. I love her markings.

  2. Rubiy says:

    This is why I’m afraid to get farm animals (living in places where they are strictly verboten, notwithstanding…)! Every story, from everyone I know with cirtters, starts out the same way: I was only going to get 2 (or 5 or whatever) but then they were pregnant!/the other ones were cute!/I didn’t want anyone to be lonely! And now we have eleventy billion of them and 4 on the way!

    I’m terrified of anything that opens such a wide path for more of itself in such an exponential fashion. Except chips. Rapidly self-multiplying chips would be okay. As long as they don’t poop.

    Obviously, I need more coffee. Your babies are really beautiful! Keep posting pictures so I can get my thrills vicariously.

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