Rhinebeck Sweater

I’m 90% sure that I’m going to make it to Rhinebeck this year. We’re building a new shed for the sheep and I have to have that done before I can go. I can’t waste a single weekend. Now, I would never say Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool is a wasted weekend but when you need to get a building built before snow flies, the rules change.

In anticipation of getting everything built and sheep moved in quickly, I’m going to work on my Rhinebeck sweater. All that know me might have realized that I’m a glutton for punishment. Normally I’d start a brand new sweater a week or two before Rhinebeck and bust my butt to finish it. Now, we’re not super close to Rhinebeck so that may still happen but my time is really at a premium these days so I’m declaring a half finished sweater as my Rhinebeck sweater. Right now….This is the sweater that I’ll make for Rhinebeck:

This sweater uses Less is More for the coloring but the pattern is based on Driftwood. I have the body done. I need to do the neck and the sleeves. I think it’s reasonable to think I can manage this in time without taxing myself.

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