The Sheep

Some people know I got sheep recently. I hadn’t necessarily planned on getting them until the spring but they happened to arrive early is all. I was out snapping some photos for the weaving club a few weeks ago and I took pictures. I thought I’d share a few so you could meet my girls (and boy)

This is most often how I see them. Eating.
Unlike our goats, these guys nap inside. When they’re out, it’s all about food. And they can’t be tricked. They see me….
I know they’re looking to see if I have the grain bucket in hand.
Good lord. She doesn’t have the grain bucket and I don’t think that thing in her hand is edible. uh…..
We should bolt.
I see a lot of sheep butt.

They have improved and will eat grain out of my hands but they won’t come over to just get pets. They’ve been with us long enough that they’re out of quarantine but they haven’t moved in with the goats yet. We plan to build a bigger enclosure in the next couple of months so hopefully soon they’ll all be hanging out together. Maybe the goats can tell them how nice we are.

PS: They’re CVM/Romeldales. I’m hoping to pick up a ram this fall and maybe in a couple of years we’ll have babies.

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5 Responses to The Sheep

  1. Manise says:

    Oh yay! I thought they looked like CVM! Good for you keeping the breed going. They are awfully cute and have lovely fleeces. Perhaps a grain bucket carried in the front with one of the girls and the camera in your hands following behind her.

  2. Leigh says:

    How exciting. Will you give us an update on them at shearing time? Won’t it be grand to spin your own fleeces.

  3. The kids are going to work on halter training them (4H). This should make photography a little easier. And I’ll definitely update at shearing time. The kids have already picked out which one they want something from. My little fleece aficionados.

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