Tour de Fleece 2014

Are you ready?
I’ll probably start off my tour finishing a couple of little projects but then I’ll be right onto the big pie in the sky idea that I’ll get a lot of spinning done. It might happen. Though, I don’t expect to get everything in my spinning bag done. Want to see what I’ve pulled out so far?

Southern Cross:
I have a sweater’s worth of Paua that needs to be finished. I think there are 5 more bags just like the one here. And I want to finish off that Yellowstone. There is also 12 ounces of Uluru on SW BFL that I have my eye on so that might get added to the pile before all is said and done.

Hello Yarn:
A bunch of SW Merino in Curiosities and Wensleydale in Smells of the Sea.

Spunky Eclectic:
Panda in Oatmeal for a shawl I’m working on but now I’m addicted to this fiber so I pulled out Monet and Oh That’s Rich. I also have Shetland – Bad Boys – Wensleydale: Lime Beginnings and a bunch of Moulin Rouge

I’d have to quit my job to get all this done. We all know that’s not going to happen. I just picked these items out of my stash to work on. We’ll see what I get done. I might even add in new things.

If you have time, head on over the SCF, HY, SE tour and chat us up. Show us the gorgeous yarn you’re making from out fibers.

Get your wheels ready and warm up your fiber. Let’s get spinning!

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One Response to Tour de Fleece 2014

  1. Lynn says:

    I’ll be spinning all silk, all the time when I’m home – and I’m starting with some of yours! Have fun, I know I will!

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