It’s been a while….again….

We all know by now that when life gets busy I drop stuff and one of those things is the blog. I could have planned better and had a few posts all ready to go but that never feels right either. I like my blog too much to make it something that I’m forcing myself to do.

My crazy list of spring shows has come and gone.

A big trip to teach in Denver has come and gone.
Now I’m home and ready to relax a little.
I’ve got my pile of fibers
This is just a small section that I’ve pulled out for the Tour de Fleece

My projects
I’ve finished projects recently and made headway on others…and even started some. I need to gather them up.

My sewing
I have a pile of sewing waiting for me. This is a circle skirt made from a discontinued fabric. I told myself a million times to make sure the pattern was going the right way and….

I haven’t gotten much doodling done. Too busy to doodle. What a sad state that is. I’m hoping to doodle more this summer and maybe even complete some full size paintings.

Goats (the 2 tiny ones ran when they saw the camera)

Old ducks
Represented by a few because they don’t seem to care about the electric fences and will hop them… trouble.

New ducks
9 new baby ducks that are growing so fast! I forgot how quickly they grow! This lot is extra cute though. They stay huddled up together ALL the time.

and the garden we share with my parents

It’s gonna be a good summer y’all.

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