Knitting Dumbitious Wrap-up

Well. If you’ve been reading, you might have noticed that I finished a few things. The two big sweater projects Acer and Owls were completed. I managed to finish the Caterpillar shawl and release the free pattern out into the wild. I abandoned the sock that didn’t go over my ridiculously high instep and made it a jar cozy/yarn swatch. I also finished Illyria and Barley. (Ravelry links)

Everything else?
I totally tanked it. Nothing else caught on to the point of where I felt I really needed to finish it so they all languish as I do a few rows here and there on each. I even cast on new projects that are now in the same few rows languish as the old projects. I thought the new projects would catch me up in them but they haven’t yet.

Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Sporty (yarn coming in the update)
Colorways: HiHo Silver and Riverwalk
Pattern: Broken Seed Stitch Socks
Details: Working on the foot of the first sock

Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Baby Panda
Colorway: February Club – “Acorns”
Pattern: Citron
Details: I just started really

Yarn: Handspun BFL Thick/thin Singles
Colorway: French Alpine (colorway is Spunky Eclectic discontinued)
Pattern: Top down Raglan
Details: Body is done. I need to pick up stitches and do the sleeves but I’m undecided how I want them to look.

Yarn: March club – it’s a secret.
Colorway: Hint – it’s not all greys.
Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket
Details: I’m done with the increases. This one, if I worked on it monogamously would be done in a day or two.

Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Super DK
Colorway: Ginkgo
Pattern: Brickless
Details: Working on the 3rd repeat.

Yarn: All Handspun
Colorway: Colorways from SE, Hello Yarn, and Southern Cross Fibres
Pattern: Driftwood with color repeats of Less is More.
Details: 1st color done. Working on solid section of 2nd color. Almost at placket joining.

What’s next?
A simple Raglan in Caress?
A new yarn that is begging to be an Aestlight Shawl?
Finally get those Pointy Pointy Mittens started?
Atalanta (Envy)? or Hilliard (Calypso)?

Or maybe I just haven’t dyed up the next project yet…. I’m trying to make myself finish one thing before I start a couple of others. That’s right. All I need to do is finish one thing then I can start 2 new things. Can you tell I’m a process knitter and not always worried about the final product? If it makes me happy to knit it, I’m on it. Casting on makes me ever so happy. I need a pinch finisher.

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One Response to Knitting Dumbitious Wrap-up

  1. Jo-Ann says:

    I am also a process knitter! I refuse to get bogged down with finishing things before starting new projects ;)

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