Bullet Journal

I am a note taker. My computer was ringed like a lion with post it notes. Rawr.
No, wait. Really, that’s not so fierce to have that happening. Sometimes it was layers of post-it notes. My desk was covered in little bits of scrap paper with ideas and to-do lists. I’ve tried to like the online or digital based note/list maker applications. Phone, computer, iPad, I hated them all for note taking. Show me a new app and I’ll hate it too. They’re decent applications if you like that sort of thing. It really just comes down to my preference for paper and pen.

I had recently come to the conclusion that I’d rather deal with a messy paper filled desk and lion monitor than try another note/list application on my computer or phone or iPad. Seriously.

In walked the Bullet Journal. At the beginning of the year, the video for this was linked in a bunch of Twitter and Facebook posts. I don’t know who I credit with seeing this first but after seeing it linked a bazillion times, I finally caved and watched the video. This one:

I got really excited so I grabbed my journal and set to it.
Then because my pens bled through my Moleskine squared, I ordered a new journal. I sent the bullet journal video to my teen daughter and gave her the Moleskine with the bleedy pages. We use different pens so I figured she’d be all set. She is. She loves the system and it’s helping her keep on track of things with her schoolwork.

Here’s my February:
Or at least, that’s the first couple of weeks on the main page. I do take notes and write a daily todo list. This is so helpful. It’s keeping me on track and actually helps with the stress load a bit. I have pages set for Miles Run, Knits done, Knits to do, Weaving ideas, Notes for the kid’s 4H stuff, Yarn made, and all kinds of work junk. I no longer have to search for the note that I left laying on my desk, I put it all in my journal.

I can hear some of you now saying “You didn’t really need a special note taking exercise, you just needed to get a notebook and pen and go for it”. I have notebooks. It just never clicked before. I think having a set way of doing it, a method is what I was missing. I’m not the most organized person on the planet so I just needed that little bit of help to set me on my way. Then having all the todo lists, past and present here on my pages helps too. It’s not so easy to forget the tasks that I procrastinated or put off yesterday.

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8 Responses to Bullet Journal

  1. amy o'malley says:

    I completely get this. There have been many times that I see someone in a meeting taking notes and seeming very organized, I ask what their system is – and almost always it goes back to good ol’ pen & paper. One thing I did get from an old grand-boss that I had was to use squares and a highlighter to check off the todo list – it feels really good to swipe through with that yellow or orange or pink marker!

    I also have my grocery lists everywhere (I am a habitual list writer and I grocery shop quite often) and the place I find them most is on my bureau after I take them out of my pants pockets at the end of the day (or occasionally in the laundry.) Paper rules!

  2. imaginarylily says:

    I’m a big listy type person, I have notebooks filled with notes that I’ve kept for years. In a way, I feel like it’s a look back at the past, a memory-jogger the next best thing to keeping an actual diary.
    I’m really impressed with this system, thanks for sharing it!

  3. Leigh says:

    What a simple system. I used a similar computer based system, but it all fell over when I left my computer based job. Might give this one a go.

  4. Brenda says:

    This looks really helpful! Maybe I can get all my multiple lists consolidated this way! It’s worth a try. Thanks!

  5. haldecraft says:

    Oh. Oh my. That may have just changed my [messy/disorganized/post-it-covered] life!

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