How’s the Knitting?

It’s going pretty well, thanks for asking.

Owl Pulli is finished. Well, finished except for the eyes. I’ll get those on eventually.
Pattern: OWLS
Yarn: Biggie
Mods: I started the body with a size 6 and made it longer to go further down my hips and then when decreasing for the waist, decreased to a size 5 and continued from there. My gauge was a touch off but I like the fabric at this gauge better otherwise i would have knit a size 4. I love how this sweater fits. Easy easy sweater. It took me about 4 days of knitting and about an hour of finishing. Add a few weeks of procrastination on button eyes…

I finished the Caterpillar Shawl
Pattern: Coming in March
Yarn: Caterpillar II
Mods: This is my simple pattern so….

I finished a hat too.
Pattern: Barley
Yarn: Fat Panda
Mods: I clearly wasn’t paying attention that the cutout there is garter and not reverse stockinette. Mine is reverse stockinette but I think I would have liked it better in garter. Not enough to rip and reknit but enough that I’ll make another one correctly at some point. Easy well done pattern.

Acer is moving right along. It would go faster if I wasn’t cheating on it with other projects.

What other projects? I also cast on for a plain shawl and a pair of mittens.
I have yet to cast on for Halliard but the yarn is ready and waiting. This one just might not get done by the end of the month.

As for spinning. Gunslinger (Southern Cross Fibre) and Still Life (Hello Yarn) have been plied and are waiting their turn to be put into a sweater together. I have one more yarn to spin for that sweater. It’s going to be a take on Less is More and this is my yarn (and one fiber that needs to be spun)

24 more days until the end of the month!

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