I almost called this post “Out of my Mind” because at times I am wondering if I am. I’m a little pen and ink crazy right now. I’ve loved fountain pens for a long time. When I write in my personal journals it’s 99% of the time with a fountain pen. I make notes and write lots but I also doodle.

Recently I decided I wanted to take the doodle to a new level. Or it would be more accurate to say “to an old level”. I’m a doodler from way back and I love watercolors. There are some old paintings/sketches laying around somewhere to prove that. I love to lay a bunch of color down and then come in with some ink. I call them doodles because if I was seriously doing this, well, I would hope I’d be better at it. I’m not good enough to be pro but I’m having fun doodling and that’s what’s really important here.

One of my favorite things to do is to lay down a swath of color like this

And then figure out what it will be. I felt this would be some water themed thing but wasn’t sure. I started to doodle in the falls….the waves…the boat and then I the whale just popped in.
This piece is off to live with a friend already. It’s not very big but it’s enough. This next one is one of many more blobs that are awaiting it’s inking. I’ve got blobs stacking up now.
I might remember to show you when it’s done.

Sometimes I lay down color with intention.

This one isn’t finished yet but it’s getting close.
Another few doodling sessions and I should have everything but the background done.
I’m not entirely sure what I want to do there but if I let it sit, one of the ideas I have in my head will insist on being done. I don’t doodle for a very long amount of time. I just pick it up when I need a break or I need to think while keeping my hands busy.

Here’s a piece that is awaiting it’s turn.  These really do look awful until I get some ink on there don’t they?
I’ve ordered some colored ink samples from Goulet Pens and a couple of new pens to experiment with. Thankfully the kids snooped at Christmas presents (meaning no more gifts after you snoop) and I had a little money left over in my present fund. This piece will get some of the new colored inks used on it.

For those that are curious about materials
Paper: The whale was done on some random paper I had been using for signs around the shop. I wanted to use better paper so I dug out a pad of Bristol smooth watercolor paper. I plan to get an ivory pad of paper. I really like doodling on not-white.
Pens: I have Lamy Safaris. I have other pens but I am really enjoying the use of the Safaris for this. I have a few different nibs in different pens. I have a Flex nib pen coming that I’m excited to use to see if I like it better. I have only ever used hard nibs for this kind of doodling so we’ll see what I think of the flex.
Ink: I’m using Lamy and Montaverde Black. It’s what I have had lying around. They both take a little time to dry and aren’t crazy black but they’re working out ok. I have some Noodlers “Heart of Darkness” coming that I think will be better. The rate I’m going through ink though, I’ll need it by the time it arrives.
Watercolors: I have been using my little pocket sketching set of Cotman watercolors. It’s a tiny little set that I used to carry around with me and when I lost it, I got another. It’s been sitting at the shop for a while so when I need to sketch something I have this. I will be digging out my watercolors from college days to see how those are and maybe get a few new ones if needed. So far this tiny set is working out really well.

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8 Responses to Sketchy

  1. maryse says:

    fantastic! and your doodles are beautiful. i’ve been collecting watercolors for the past few months. i have yet to actually use them though because they look so pretty as is. heh.

  2. Alison says:

    I like Yarka for watercolors. :)

  3. Teresa C says:

    Not good enough? I’m not a great critic, but I do feel things and the whale? It is so great, it makes me feel anxious because my mind’s eye is searching for everything happening outside the canvas. It almost seems like you took a close up photo and there is more to see if you widen the lens view. So cool.

    And I hear you about the pens, I prefer them for my journaling as well. The way they float across the page and sometimes leave little blobs of too much ink. I love it.

  4. Leigh says:

    Oh my, I love the wale. Your doodles are wonderful. I’ve seen water colour paper that was postcard sized, and had a postcard ‘form’ printed on the back. That would be a great way of sharing your doodles.

  5. Manise says:

    Wow! Those are truly wonderful Amy! The whale is exquisite, but I keep going back to the horse skull and flowers as my brain loves lots of color.

  6. Helen says:

    Ha! I have the exact same pens and the same box of Cotman colours as well :-) Goulet is a fantastic rabbit hole to fall down. Your drawing is excellent by the way. I really should do more, I like using Rotring technical pens though. I should try with the fountain pens.

  7. Marta says:

    Beautiful! Please keep showing us :-)
    Also, how on Earth do you find the time?!

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