Spin 365 +

Have you heard of this?
David from Southern Cross Fibres came up with this really fabulous idea and named it Spin 365. It’s meant to help us get your spinning mojo back if you lost it. If you haven’t lost it then you can be inspired to just keep going. Post a daily or weekly goal for yourself and spin! My goal over the year is to spin down 6 sweater lots on top of all the other spinning I do…and then to add in 6 new sweater lots (1 from each festival I go to over the year).

That’s my Southern Cross Fibre’s “Charred”. I’m working through a massive sweater lot of this stuff so there is more to come. I’m also spinning for 2 other things that we’re doing in the Spunky Eclectic group on Rav.

We’re working on bi monthly challenges throughout the year. The first challenge is woolen.

There’s so many different levels of abilities in the group that I’m not making the challenge for you. I will help anyone that needs it but we’re all making our own challenges. Since I fairly know what I’m doing, my challenge is to get a sweater’s worth carded and spun before this ends. That’s a challenge considering everything else going on around here. My fiber is some raw fleece that I bought from The Spinning loft. It’s a lovely mushroom colored CVM.

I’m also spinning and working on a 6 month Spin and knit along. The Less is More SAL/KAL is pretty fun.

Mixing and matching colors, spinning and knitting. This is a good time for sure and ends in June so most people will have the time to complete it all. There are a few rules in this one and lots of helpful hints and good information. My sweater will incorporate Spunky Eclectic with Hello Yarn and Southern Cross Fibres. I started to spin right off without having all my fiber on hand. I might spin more than I need and then just figure out what to do. The yarn is all Sport/DK weight which is my default yarn for everything so more yarn is just more yarn!

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2 Responses to Spin 365 +

  1. beth says:

    Holy crap! I should learn to spin.

  2. graceinmyhands says:

    I have a hard time figuring out how much is a ‘sweater lot’ and guidance?

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