Death is beautiful

We were having a short discussion on Twitter about hospice when Sharon A. shared a link with me that discussed a new movement in how people treat death.

There is more than just that video. This Article talks more about it and has a link to another video.

Death often isn’t handled very well. We usher away our old folks to die alone. We fear our own mortality even though we all will die someday. There is no escaping it. Immortality does not exist for us. We can try to live well but we will eventually no longer exist in the form we are now. Or maybe not at all, this delves into personal beliefs of afterlife and I didn’t want to get into that in this post. Death will hit us all and may hit at any time. I know I will die. Not that I plan to die now but I don’t exactly have control over when I will die. I may not even be able to control what will cause my death. The thing I can control is how I will react to my demise.

I think death has the ability to be beautiful and peaceful. Death can be just as magnificent as birth yet it has the ability to be more peaceful. I believe I would like to work for a hospice. After reading the article I posted above, I have a new dream of working as a death doula. I think it would be an amazing gift to others to be able to help them exit this world.

There are many books on death. Some are better than others. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying is one of the really good ones. I have others to read but nothing else that I can recommend right now if you’re interested in reading on the subject. I’m happy to talk books any time and I have an account on Goodreads which hopefully I’ll update soon with some new books that I’d like to read on the subject.

If you are really interested in the subject there is a practice called Death meditation. In Buddhism there is a specific sequence as to how the meditation goes about and it’s rather nice when someone can lead you through it a couple of times before you manage to do it all on your own. It’s a unique experience. This blog post talks about this type of meditation and has audio links to practice it. You might cry. You might not be able to finish first try but persist. It may bring clarity and light especially when you are struggling with certain aspects of life.

I don’t make a lot of deep posts on this blog but I needed to write it and I wasn’t sure where else to put it. Anyway….I hope you all have a beautiful and safe New Year’s Eve. And that your new year is full of gorgeous beauty, joy, peace, and as much happiness as you can handle. If this is the year that you or I die. I hope we’re able to do it with peace and composure.

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3 Responses to Death is beautiful

  1. graceinmyhands says:

    How amazing. What a truly deeply wonderfull, brave and loving thing to do. I am weeping in my office ( probably shouldnt of watched that on my tea break at work)

  2. Leigh says:

    I’m really glad you posted this. Death is sort of sanitised, well here in England it seems to be. This video was really interesting.

  3. vicki says:

    My cousin just posted this link the other day about a documentary that, hopefully, will soon be released. I thought you might be interested.

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