I’ve been busy with nothing to show for it. As one year turns into the next its a flurry of activity here. Yarns, designs, colors, and lots of scribbled notes tossed here and there. I’m finishing up projects so I can move a little clearer into the new year yet at the same time there is the beginning of the month stuff that needs to happen for the shop and a new year’s worth of colors and designs needs to start rolling out.


I lose a bag of yarn, I misplace design notes, I forget the colors I used in the dye mixes. Its a little crazy, it’s a little hectic but it’s all colorful and still fiber filled. It’s crazy but I kind of like it in a way. Some of the stuff you see in that picture will eventually make it out to be designs and some of the notes will end up in the trash can.

I can’t even give away the colors….Since I began fiber club in 2006 I’ve tried to be really secretive about the upcoming colors and the fibers. We have in most of next year’s fibers already. Sometimes to get a large amount of an unusual fiber, it’s what I need to do. I should probably get back to planning more colors, dyeing tests, and working on putting out those new designs.

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