More Holiday Recipes

I forgot the snack foods and the breakfast stuff in my last holiday food post!

I’m not sure what your celebrations are like but at just about any of the parties we go to there is a bunch of hanging around and gabbing so quick finger foods that can be eaten quickly while standing around chatting that don’t really interfere with the conversation are a must. Gherkins, cheese cubes, etc etc. All the standard fare shows up but how about some nuts. Other than the guests.

Crockpot Roasted and Spiced Nuts. I made these. I started out with the crockpot and realized if I’m still going to be mixing them that I’d rather have them in the oven. They’ll dry faster, better, and have a different flavor. So don’t bother with the crockpot unless you don’t have an oven. Everything else was great. I’d add a little more heat if I made them again.

Don’t like heat and want all the sweet? Cinnamon Sugar Almonds. These are simple quick and really really yummy. If you’re watching your calories this season but need a sweet pick me up in between the big heavy desserts, this might be your cure if you don’t eat more than a handful. Sweet, yummy, and the protein to kill your cravings.

Do you like scones? I do. A lot. Especially the cinnamon ones. Cinnamon chips are fabulous but then I found this recipe for Cinnamon Glazed Scones. Just as easy as mixing in cinnamon chips but maybe a little richer and decadent looking. There are a lot of breakfasts needed for the holiday, especially if you’re hosting over night guests. Not that you can’t just throw a bowl of cereal in front of them. Make the scones for your own happiness and then if you like the guests, you can share.

How about doughnuts – think Paszki or Sufganiyot. yummy dough filled with some fabulous jam and glazed or just sugared. These are fried and obviously not meant as everyday foods. This makes them perfect for the holidays. You might know that I’m an advocate for using home made jam but you don’t have to. Or you can even make a fresh batch to put in them instead of making jars and jars of jam. I think my favorite jam filling in these is raspberry.

Chocolate Babka. This stuff is magic. It is the bread of all breads. I make it with really rich dark chocolate and maybe replace some of the sugar with brown sugar. I just like how brown sugar sets off the chocolate so much better than white.

And I saved my end all beat all breakfast food for last. Many years ago the Pioneer woman posted about her Cinnamon Rolls for Xmas tradition. I loved it. We don’t give presents to adults anymore, just the kids. We do this instead, now. I want them all to have that fresh baked roll thing going on for the xmas morning, though. I go through all the rising and I prebake them just a touch. Then I freeze them. Everyone we can get to for the holidays gets a frozen tin of cinnamon rolls with a little cup of the frosting and directions on what to do with it all. They need to thaw them out and then bake for another ten minutes then slather with the frosting. I make a ton of these rolls. They are awesome. After the first year, as Ree mentioned in her post, this became a favorite tradition. I think if I gave this one up, there might be some tears from people. I make this stuff just as described. Do it. It’s good.

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One Response to More Holiday Recipes

  1. purlewe says:

    These are great! Thanks!

    I always make your soda bread this time of year as well. This year I put candied ginger as well as cranberries in it and it was fantastic!

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