Nutmeg Spinners

I’m heading to Connecticut on Friday so I can be up bright and early Saturday morning to teach a fun round of classes at the Nutmeg Spinners Guild December meeting. Will you be there?

We’re starting with longdraw where we’ll work with a bunch of different fibers using different methods of longdraw.
And make some lovely samples of fluffy airy yarns.

Even if you’re a spindle spinner – I will teach you longdraw techniques. I find long draw on a spindle to be quite fun.

Then we’ll break for lunch and a meeting and we’ll jump into some handpaints and make bulky gorgeous singles and plied yarns. Lots of spinners say that they work so hard from the beginning to make thin yarns that by the time they succeed at that, they can’t go back. We’re going to work at that and get you making bulky yarns.
I’m keeping the handpaint semi-secret but there might be some beautiful Finn, Falkland, BFL and Organic Polwarth in my class bin.

If anyone wants anything in particular delivered from the shop, please let me know. I’ll bring a couple of bins of handpaints to sell if time/guild allows but if there is equipment or something in particular you want, please email us you can use “info” or “orders” at the website.

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