I burnt my hat.

I burnt my hat. This is absolutely ridiculous and if you know me, you’ll think nothing of it and you might even wonder how this doesn’t happen more often. Here’s how this all went down.

I started knitting this hat (Lucky Noggin):
Loved it but the color just wasn’t right. I wanted it different and darker. So I figured once it was done I’d dye it oxblood:
Good color right?
I set up the dye pot, tossed in the hat, set it all on the stove in the shop dye kitchen and left. I didn’t just leave it to set for the proper amount of time. Nope. I decided to walk away and go get a load of hay. Three hours later 40 bales of hay is all nestled comfortably in the storage barn and shed. I figure I’ll go back to work but wait, what’s the smell?

I head into the dye kitchen and there is my hat.
On the bottom of the pot.
Without water.
Crying a little. Well. It sounded a little like crying. In reality it was the hissing of the last bits of water being drawn out of the yarn.

I plopped this mess out into the sink and gave a good drowning. It lived but it changed the color a little more than I thought. This happens when you burn things sometimes.
It’s quite dark but it’s still wearable so we’re calling it a success and a very lucky hat indeed.
Yes, I dye things for a living and have been doing so for a little more than 10 years. Why do you ask?

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5 Responses to I burnt my hat.

  1. graceinmyhands says:

    Happy , albeit slightly traumatic, accident. It is lovely though : )

  2. hidingfromthekids says:

    Some of the best innovation comes from unexpected outcomes. Perhaps you have invented a new dyeing method… It really is kind of cool. ;D

  3. Elisa says:

    Not quite oxblood…but a very lucky hat indeed! My problem is doing things like getting the dogs’ dinner ready and then getting distracted by dishes or laundry or or or and then forgetting to put the bowls on the floor! (This doesn’t usually take more than a minute to fix as the dogs are pretty good and letting me know that they’re being starved to death.) ;)

  4. Manise says:

    OMG! A new color way has been hatched it would appear. Had to laugh a little. Mwah!

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