All the Knitting!

We revamped out entire yarn line at Spunky Eclectic. I wanted to do that for a while but I guess I wasn’t really taking into account truly how much work it would be. It consumed so much time. Everything is getting rewound and rebundled with our new labels. I love our new labels and I love how the yarn looks. If you want to take a look you can Click Here
We just updated the shop today so there is a lot of new stuff going on. Yarn, fiber, spindles, travel kates, etc etc.

In doing all of that, I had the idea that the new yarns needed pattern companions. I’ve been knitting like mad to come up with fabulous patterns to go with the new yarns. Like this cowl:
Falling Bobbins Pattern on Ravelry
And the next one in the series….
I know that’s only a teaser. It will be available in the E-book Cowl Quartet and by itself or free with yarn qualifying yarn purchase starting the first week of December. I’m still knitting cowls though. There are 2 more to go and I want to sample them well so here’s a sneaky look at what might be January and February
Though I think I might have already changed my mind for February but you’ll just have to wait and see.

Now we get into the socks. It seems the majority of my socks are samples for the shop or a class. I get one sock done and then never the second one. I can knit a sock fairly quickly so it eludes me why I can’t just finish the second one? Here’s 2 such lonely socks that could use a mate.
^This one is out of Panda – Oxblood and Hidden
^This one is handspun Fauxcle and Supernova that I just dyed up some scraps to play with. It’s about using fun novelty handspun to make socks.

I really love handspun so I almost always have at least one handspun sock going. I probably have way more. Some of you out there would be a little destroyed at all the UFO’s I have. I knit for peace and relaxation so when a project ceases to do that for me, I toss it aside. Eventually they get finished or ripped.
I love these BFL socks so I’m hoping they get finished some day.

Last but not least, I have a hat I’m working on:
This is another project I can use in the Warm along on Ravelry. Not to mention my head is cold. I am keeping up with the clipped stuff so every few weeks my head is quite a bit colder.

Yes, I’m actively working on all of these projects. Well, all except maybe those single socks up there. Everything else is in a particular bag that I grab for particular activities. Though the cowls are getting preferential treatment at the moment.

oh, I almost forgot! I’m working on a Southern Cross along Semi Solid SAL but that’s about spinning so maybe next post I’ll talk about that.

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