Feeling cold.

In our Ravelry group we’re having a Warm-Along and it’s really good timing. The air is cooling around here and I feel the dire need for mittens, cowls and hats.

I finished a cowl last week that will be a pattern available for free with yarn purchase starting at Fiber Festival of NE through the end of the month. I don’t have the photos finished so I’m not showing that off yet. I’ll be back after the show to show that off and tell about my plan for the cowls.

In the meantime, I’m using my knit along time to work on other projects.

Stripey mitts:
Progression dyed SW Corrie “Pine Tree Slalom” (SE)
I ran out of yarn and am also wanting a different look from my stripes so I need to spin the other half of the fiber the way I want it to be. In the meantime, I’m finishing up the mitts that were also in the same pattern and also from a progression dyed fiber.
SW Corrie – club colorway “Sundown” (SE). I love this colorway and am a little sad that it’s gone.

I also need to finish a pair of mittens that I started last year. I imagine the teen child is also a little chilly
Quince and CO yarn Lark in “Cypress”

But not to think that I am not good for a new cast on.
It’s a baby sweater. The yarn is SE Super DK in the colorway Dinosaur. It’s a one skein sweater that in the smallest size will make a hat too….pattern coming soon.

Yeah, I know. seems as though there is a lot of “Pattern coming soon”.
I get distracted easily but these patterns are all written. They just need polish, testing, and a tech lookie. We’ll get there. Fiber Festival of NE is this coming weekend. We are in booths 518-19-20 and it should be a good time. After that, I have a massive update and then things will get a little calmer…right?

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One Response to Feeling cold.

  1. hidingfromthekids says:

    Gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see all the new patterns. I hope to be able to perhaps pay a visit at your shop soon…meaning once you begin to stand still for a bit. ;)

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